Anthony Ihrig Teaching Banjo Workshop at Blue Ox Music Festival 2022

Banjo Workshop at Blue Ox Music Festival

I’m thrilled to announce that I will once again be teaching a bluegrass banjo workshop at Blue Ox Music Festival, Friday June 24th at 9am!

My goal when teaching short group banjo lessons like this is to give players a dose of inspiration as well as a handful of actionable takeaways that they can use at jams the same day.

Perhaps most importantly, I want to facilitate the opportunity for players to meet and learn with other players! I feel this is an important aspect learning any instrument instrument, here is why I think group learning is so cool 🪕🪕😎😎

For more info on this year’s Blue Ox Workshops, click HERE.


2 responses to “Banjo Workshop at Blue Ox Music Festival”

  1. 人生不如意十之八九,开心最重要!

  2. 不知道说啥,开心快乐每一天吧!

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