Fiddle, Cello and Banjo!

The amazing Minneapolis fiddle/cello duo The OK Factor are celebrating the release of their brand new 10th Anniversary album, OKX, and I’m honored to have been asked to pick some banjo on a couple tracks! 🪕


Funny story, when they asked me to do this, I assumed they wanted me to play 3-finger style banjo (since that is my specialty) but after I sent them my parts, they realized they actually wanted clawhammer 🙂 I was happy to send them some clawhammer tracks and it turns out they used both.

You should definitely pick up the entire album and save it to your favorite playlist, but here you can check out the tracks I’m picking on:

Go grab your copy today and don’t miss their album release show at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis on April 1st with Sprig of That, I’ll be there sitting in on a couple numbers!!


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