Missing Ghosts

With his debut solo album, Missing Ghosts, Anthony Ihrig brings stringband instruments and bluegrass chops to the world of modern folk and Americana music, combining smart and thoughtful lyrics with tight vocal harmonies and expert picking.

Recorded at Wild Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis, Anthony assembled some of the finest string players in the Midwest for the album, including Eric Christopher (Minor Planet, High 48s Bluegrass Band) on the fiddle, Jed Germond (guest w/ with Pert Near Sandstone, Cactus Blossoms) on mandolin and pedal steel guitar and Dan Christensen-Cowan (Free Range Pickin’, Trio Sem Nome) on the upright acoustic bass.

Anthony is featured on the guitar, banjo, dobro and percussion and wrote and arranged all of the songs on the album.

Album Art

Missing Ghosts Album Art - by Tim Lee
Original artwork by Tim Lee

Album Art Still Matters (blog post with more information on Anthony’s collaboration with Tim Lee)


1. Missing Ghosts
2. Morning Always Lets Me Down
3. Over the Clover (instrumental)
4. Red Lights on the Radio Tower
5. Fawn
6. Missississy Strut (instrumental)
7. Holding Out
8. Blackout
9. The Robin and the Rabbit (instrumental)
10. Back in the Game

Recording at Wild Sound

Missing Ghosts EPK


5 responses to “Missing Ghosts”

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  2. Thom Balcome Avatar
    Thom Balcome

    I recently purchases a giclee Missing Ghosts print from Amplified Art in Raleigh, NC. I didn’t know it is also is Album Art but that makes it even better. It is a gift for a great friend. Another small coincidence, but I was born in Minnesota… Thank you and Tim for some good stuff

    1. Anthony Ihrig Avatar

      Hello Thom,

      Thanks so much for the note! Tim is an amazing artist and I was lucky to get the chance to work w/ him. You may be interested in a brief post I wrote about our collaboration: http://anthonyihrig.com/2011/09/06/album-art-still-matters/

      Enjoy the art! -Anthony

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