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Missing Ghosts

Missing Ghosts is an all-original solo album I put out to showcase my songwriting (both singers and instrumentals)— give it a spin and follow on your favorite music service!

Latest Music

Here is some new music I’m demoing for a banjo-driven folk album I’m dreaming up.

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Livestream Mini-Concert

Here is a 30-minute all original livestream set I put together for the Land of 10K Streams online music festival which took place at the end of April 2020.

1. Missing Ghosts
2. Retreat
3. That Train Has Left the Station
4. Red Lights on the Radio Tower
5. Great Northern Railroad
6. Never Mention Your Name
7. Rewriting My Memories

30-Minute Livestream Set Recorded 4.25.20 for the Land of 10K Streams online music festival.

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