Sioux River Folk Festival!

Sioux River Folk Fest - Rocky Mountain Oysters Reunion
Rocky Mountain Oysters Reunion

I really enjoyed playing with the Mark Kreitzer Band at the Sioux River Folk Festival this past weekend! Met and played with some wonderful musicians, including the Foghorn Stringband from Portland, OR  and Carolina Story from Nashville, TN. Highlights included teaching a songwriting workshop with Mark as well as Emily and Ben from Carolina Story- those two have really amazing voices/harmonies and great songs. We were also lucky enough to lodge with the Foghorn Stringband, which was a blast, as we got to hang and pick with them the whole weekend, which, inevitably lead to an “uber-jam” with our  two bands on stage to close out Saturday night– it was rockin’! I was also witness to a reunion of the Rocky Mountain Oysters, a South Dakota acoustic band that I had only heard of in legends. Both Mark and Tom Schaefer were members at one time and it was great to see them onstage having so much fun… and it was great music as well. Looking forward to next weekend at the MBOTMA fest where we’ll get to hang with Foghorn again, as well as all of our great friends in music!


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