Holiday Banjo Greeting Card from the Future

“Skating” on the Banjo

A Charlie Brown Christmas Album CoverOne of my all-time favorite holiday movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas (even if its appeal is lost on newer generations). Although nostalgia accounts for some of my interest in the short animated TV special, what really drew me in from an early age and has kept me a fan all these years is the timeless and tasteful acoustic piano jazz soundtrack from the late great Vince Guaraldi. To this day it remains in my top three seasonal soundtracks, alongside David Grisman’s Acoustic Christmas and Hipsters’ Holiday.
Skating by Guaraldi - Holiday Banjo Greeting Card

As a tribute to this recording (and an excuse to bust out my green screen again) I’ve arranged one of my favorite tracks, “Skating” for the banjo and created a little video greeting card to send out to the world. If you enjoy it, please leave a comment or Like/Pin/Tweet it to your world, I would appreciate it!

Download Skating Tab

And for you fellow banjo players out there, I have tabbed out my arrangement so you can impress your co-workers at your upcoming office holiday party.

I hope you have a great holiday season!




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